Fantasy Fashion Friday: Pokemon GO

With the world wide release of Pokemon GO I could not help myself but to dedicate my first blog post to this Franchise.


In case you lived under a rock for the last two decades, Pokemon is video game where the main objective is to catch all the pocket monster that inhabit the virtual land. In the game, you play the role of a young Pokemon trainer who is on a quest to capture and train all the Pokemon to become the best master there is.

With Pokemon GO we now get to unleash our inner budding trainer into the real world,#IRL, and like the video game and anime we will meet people along the way on this new journey.



Get The Look:

Olivers Apparel: 5 Pocket Pants – $168


Why: As a trainer in the making you are going to want a good pair of pants that wont hold you back from sprinting when an elusive pokemon appears on your radar. Made from 96% Nylon and 4% spandex these pants will wick away sweat as your are on your quest. These pants are also good for commuting to and from places on a bike, so you can now reach those those gyms on your radar in the distance with greater ease.

Onitsuka Tigers: Fencing Gold/Black – $85

Onitsuka Tiger Fencing

Why: Running Shoes were introduced in Ruby and Sapphire and they allowed the player to actually sprint across the map. Since you will be trekking the city what better to bring that a comfortable pair of sneakers.

Snapback – Your Choice


Why: Since the avatar of every game has a hometown of which they came from and constantly wears a hat since the first game, I found that there is no better way to combine the two with a Snapback with your hometown.

The Tie Bar: Yellow – $30

The Tie Bar BeltOriginal Penguin: Flannel Manderin – $98



Now that you have the look go out and conquer the world with your freshly caught Pokemon.

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