Fantasy Fashion Friday: Gone Fishing

Well my friends it’s the middle of July and, thanks to Pokemon go, I hope that you have put some good amount of miles into your walks this week.


But, now that it is the weekend, it’s time to kick back and relax and just coast. In my honest opinion, there is no better way to melt away  the troubles than a day spent fishing.



Get the look:

Food 52: Rock Lobster Shirt – $22

Rock LobsterI believe that the most important part of this look is the shirt. Typically, I choose the outfits based on colors or vibe that I believe the character exudes. On this occasion though, seeing as it’s summer, which synonymous with beach and sea food, I found this shirt to be perfect for this outfit.

Chasing Fin: Lost Camo Fish Hook Bracelet – $14.99


To unwind, Link likes to break out the old fishing rod, cast a line, and ten sit back and just wait for a bite. The best way to incorporate this into the outfit was through a fish hook bracelet with orange camp design.

Sperry: Gold Cup Nubuck – $95.99

Sperry Nubuck

Sticking with the relaxing mood of this outfit I decided that boat shoes were necessary to complete the look.

Bluemint: Gordon -£70

Bluemint Shorts


Happy Fishing!

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