Fantasy Fashion Friday: Niles Fire Emblem

Fire emblem, one of the most beloved franchises in Nintendo’s repertoire. In this game, you take the role of an avatar who plays a vital role in the game. You can customize this avatar to your liking picking everything from its sex to the color of their hair. In Nintendo’s latest entry, Conquest Version, if you chose a male avatar you were allowed, for the first time to swoon a recruit of the same sex.


Enter Niles, the sadomasochistic archer who is a retainer to Lord Leo. Through his dialogue you discover that not only did he have a troubled past but also openly displays affection to your avatar through lewd comments and constant invitations to look at his toys at his tent.

The following outfit is based on the character color scheme and persona.

Get The Look

Calvin Klein: Twill Calvary Pants – $89.50Twill Pants

I found these pants to be a perfect suit when picking out this outfit for Niles. The zippers on the pockets give the outfit a bit of a BDSM feel and the stitching on the pants make it them look like chaps.

Frye: Harness 8R – $179boots

Harness boot by Frye kept the BDSM feel of the outfit flowing through and the distressed look made it seem like it has been around the block a couple of times.

Lord & Taylor: Spenglish Henley Hoodie – $72.50spenglish-grey-hooded-henley-gray-product-1-181844719-normal

In the game, Niles wears a small cape and I found that this hooded henley can give the illusion of a cape. Also, the thumb holes in the sleeves look like cuffs to me which represent restraint. Again, sticking with the BDSM feel of the look.

Quicksilver: Tracker Belt – $25Belt

Etsy: Mens Arrowhead Necklace – $33.00


When you first encounter Niles, he will be the archer of your group, if, you decide to maintain him on this class. The best way to incorporate his skills as a sniper was through a necklace that has an arrowhead.

Until next time, play rough!

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