Fantasy Fashion Friday: Can’t Fight the Moonlight

Fighting evil with moonlight, Winning love by daylight, Never running from a real fight, She is the one named Sailor Moon.

Her character is one of the most iconic characters of the 90’s and it is often attributed with helping anime become more mainstream. Sailor Moon is one of the anime’s that I watched as I was growing up and brings back fond memories of my childhood.


What inspired me to make an outfit based on the character was the transformation sequence. That sequence that every sailor went through prior to becoming their super powered alter egos was mesmerizing and enchanting.


Olivers: All Over Shorts $68
olivers-new-all-over-short-new-2For Sailor Moon mini skirt I decided to go with Oliver’s Apparel All over Shorts. These shorts have a pretty high inseam which shows off some serious leg and attracts all kinds of attention. These shorts also also are good to be out and about the city, trekking through the woods or jumping into lake/ river/ Ocean. These shorts can handle it all.

Rue 21: Americana Striped Tank Top $6.49


The Toughest part about this outfit was incorporating the big red bow tie that Sailor Moon wears. After scouring the internet for a couple hours I stumbled across this tank from Rue 21 and instantly thought it was a perfect suit for the outfit. The stripes on the tank remind me of french sailor and the red top third can represent the bow the Sailor Moon wears.

Toms: Red Canvas $48


To match Sailor Moon’s red high top boots I went the exact opposite direction and went with red classic canvas Toms

Blue Sky Gear: Anchor Bracelet $9.95


To tie the whole suit together an Anchor bracelet was incorporated to the outfit.

Hope that you like the outfit, until next time.

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