Fantasy Fashion Friday: Firewatch

A couple on months ago I played a video game on my PS4 called Firewatch. It is a story driven game where the dialogue between two characters is what propels the game forward and makes you want to finish the three to six hour game. Like in life, in the game you are presented with a series of choices in which you are to elect one, or none, and that will determine how the dialogue will unfold. To me, this was the best part of the game along with exploring the virtual Wyoming wilderness.


Since it is summer, I decided to make an out fit based from the character Henry. This look is meant to for one to be outdoors and one with nature.

Get The Look

Olivers Apparel: All over Shorts Cedar $68


These are perhaps the most comfortable pair of shorts you will ever own. Light and airy fully designed for the person who is on move in the city or outdoors.

H&M : Henley Shirt $9.99

hmprod (1)

Nothing says outdoors life like a Henley

New Balance: 1300 Age of Exploration $224.99


Overstock: Grinning Skull $12.99

shopping (1)

This Jewelry piece is a perfect way to tie the outfit together and you will only understand once you have played the game.

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