Fantasy Fashion: To Rapture

Recently, I have added the Bioshock Collection to my library of video games on my PS4. In all honesty, I have never played a single game but have heard many good things about the game and the story.

The game that I have heard the most buzz about is Bioshock Infinite and that is why I have decided to base this look on the Hero Booker Dewitt


But first, while assembling this look, I stumbled across this awesome cosplayer and would just like to take a moment to to him him a shout out for a job well done.bioshock-cosplay

With this particular look, I tried to get as close as possible to a steampunk like vibe without making it look like steampunk and/or cosplay.



Guess: Bootcut $34.46bootcut

Asos: Muscle long sleeve $13.00low-v-neck-long-sleeve

H&M: Jean Shirt $29.99

Necklush: Scarf $55.00

Aldo: Monk Shoes $105.00monk-strap

Duluth Trading Company: Holier than thou $49.50


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