Sunday’s Best: Interdimensional Grimoire

This year in movies, I have had several instances where I leave the theater with a giant smile on my face. The first one was BVS with apperance of Wonder Woman with theme song to battle Doomsday. The Second, being that we finally got to see the Pheonix be unleashed on the big screen. At last on with Captain America: Civil war, the whole airport sequence.

But at long last the superhero movie I have been waiting for in a long time is about to hit a theater near you. It is a hero who deals in the ancient arts of mysticism and power that is near limitless. Enter the fray Dr. Stephen Strange.


So this week’s look is based of the Sorcerer Supreme himself. To achieve this look I decided to use several layers of clothing that can be used during this fall season. The most difficult part of the look is the Burgundy Trench Coat that make this look IRL viable.

Before we proceed to the look itself, here is an awesome Cosplay that I have found online of Dr. Strange.



And below is the Instagram version of the look itself.




Asos: Burgundy Overcoat $145.11


Original Penguin: Nep Fleece $125.00


Lucky:  Men’s 367 Vintage Boot Cut Jeans $89.50


Frye: Ethan Triple Monk $415.oo


Asos:  Seven London Hieroglyphics Necklace In Gold $24.18



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