Sunday’s Best: Nerd is the New Sexy

To protect to world from devastation – To unite all people within our nation
To denounce the evil of truth and love – To extend our reach to the stars above..


This week’s look is based on Game Freaks Professor Kukui. As I am still plowing my way through moon I couldn’t help but to get the feel that he is more athletic than the previous professors. Plus the internet’s reaction upon his reveal is one of the more thirsty ones I have seen in a while.

The articles of clothing I have chosen for this look are meant for a weekend out grilling with friends.


Asos: Another Tank Tank – $17.50 

Since Kukui is a professor who like to show a lot of skin, I have decided that a sleeveless t-shirt with a dropped armhole would be suitable for a day out at a BBQ with friends.

Adidas: Cross-up 3/4 PA – $50

Originally, I was going to pair the look up with joggers but as I was analyzing Kukui’s character design I decided that 3/4 pants is a better suit. The pants also keep the athletic design that I feel the character is all about

Adidas: Samoa – $70

Since I am going to cosplay this character at AMKE I purchased a pair of green crocs but in to make this look feel more achievable IRL I found that a pair a green Samoa’s round out the athletic feel.

Rastaclat: Galaxy Bracelet – $14.99

This bracelet is more tied to the story of the games than the character himself. With games called Sun and Moon I could help but to add a bracelet that was celestial based

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