Sunday’s Best: Bounty Hunter

Legend has it that, in the depths of space, there exists a hunter who once saved an entire race of alien species from extinction single handedly. A hunter who was not only gifted with powerful armor, but bestowed upon her was the DNA of ancient avian race whose intellect was far ahead of their time. That solitary’s hunter name is Samus Aran and rumor has has it that she will return for another battle in the near future.

giphy (2).gif

E3 2017 was a couple of weeks ago, at the time of writing, but ever since Nintendo’s direct I have been on a Metroid High. Sit his weeks post will be dedicated to the interstellar bounty hunter herself Samus Aran.

Pulling of her look proved to be a little difficult as walking around in all orange would’ve made one look like a jester more than a formidable bounty hunter. So after looking through all her suit upgrades The most feasible real world look was the PED Suit from Metroid Prime Corruption. The blue added to the suit allowed for a look to be assembled IRL and given that she is actively kicking ass the look below is best suited for an active day out.


98 Coast Av: Placid Blue Linen Shirt $79.99 

Olivers: All Over Shorts Sedona $68

Adidas: Mana Bounce $79.99

Oakley: Jawbreaker $200

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