Sunday’s Best: Simple and Clean

“The closer you get the light the greater your shadow becomes”

When the heart of a human gets consumed by darkness that resides within it, the host will become a Shadow and live in the darkest corners of the worlds.

giphy (3)

After nearly 12 years of waiting for the third game in the series to finally arrive consoles, it has now been given an official tentative window. We can only hope that Square Enix will turn our worlds on its head with an impressive story, gameplay and visuals. The trailer also shows that for the first time we get to venture into the world of pixar.


ONEFIT: 3/4  Joggers $13.99

Bijoux De Ja: Skeleton Key $9.99

Altenative French Hoodie: 36.29 and Disney Tank: $7.95

JanSport: Viking Red $49.95

Onitsuka Tiger: Serrano Sneaker $74.95



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