Last week, when I stepped on the scale and it registered that I was at 230.2 lbs, I knew that is was time to get serious. Coming in at 5’11‘’ this is perhaps the heaviest I have ever weighed in my life. Seeing that number so high only served to light a fire under me which drove me to remain committed to the regimen I had outlined in my prior post. This week, I proud to report that I beat my goal of losing 1.5-2 LBS per week and was able to drop 3 lbs this week. As promised, below is a video of this weeks’ weekly weigh in at the gym.

Having surpassed my goal by losing an extra pounds then means that I get to take it easy on a Sunday and only stick to my fasted walk right? Maybe bake in the sun on this hot 94 degree day in SE WI.

94 F in SE WI, this is summer

Well not exactly, it was a lighter exercise day that mostly dealt stability training and a light swim in the pool afterwards. The exercises were nothing excessive, but just right amount of challenge to the heart pumping and build a good sweat. Included below are four exercises that rotate through out the week depending on what my focus is particular day.


Stability Training

Exercise Ball training, in my experience, is the most overlooked and underappreciated exercise equipment at the gyms that I have been to. Even when I have worked with trainers, none of them ever incorporate the exercise ball into any routine the build for me, even though I specify that my goal is performance, which to me means having a well-trained core that comes from stimulating muscle fibers in the trunk. The few times that I do see them used is for some form ab exercise, which is great, but the exercise ball can be used for so much more than just ab exersices.

Leg Curl

The Leg Curl
1. Start with your back on the floor feet up on the ball.
2. The soles of the feet should be parallel with a wall.
3. Roll the ball towards your buttocks & squeeze at the peak of the bridge.
4. Slowly return the ball to the start position.

Push Up with Pike

Push Up with Pike
1. Start in a plank position with both your feet on top of the ball
2. Slowly lower yourself down to earth
3. Explode back up into the plank placing emphasizing on hollowing out the upper back
4. Using your core, roll the ball towards your chest while elevating the glutes
5. Slowly return back to the start of the sequence.

Back Extension super set with leg lift.

Back Extension and Leg Lift
1. With your belly on the ball lift your torso up and slowly lower to parallel
2. After completing the movement, shift the anchor point from the feet to your hands.
3. Lift both legs towards the sky and slowly lower.


Reverse Lunge
1. With the sole one foot anchored on the ground place the top of the other foot on the top of the ball behind you.
2. Slowly roll the ball away from as you bend your knee and come into a speed skater form
3. Return to the start position.


Since I included the videos, I kept my descriptions a bit on the shorter side. As you can see from the videos, by only performing stability workouts I was able to produce a good sweat in this session. I’m planning on sequencing a whole workout around the exercise ball in the future, if you are interested, let me know and I will work to get it done pronto.

Thanks for Checking in with me this week,

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