Kaio-Ken J-Bops for that Extra Rep

As many of you know, when it comes to music, my tastes are all over the place. I listen to a bit of everything, some genres more than others and its not limited to a language.

Lately, at the gym, I have found myself coming back to a playlist that I curated for myself based on Killer OP (read below to find out which one) that makes me get excited and full of energy. Listed below is a sequence of songs that get me moving from my warmup all the way to my cool down when it comes to cardio.

The Opening Set

The song from the OP of my Hero Academia is a good one to open the start of a 35 minute routine. It’s up-tempo enough to make you want start moving around and keep you motivated.

The Ending of Fire Force song is one that crept up on me. On the first listen, while watching the show, I always got up and did something else while it played in the background. However, when I added the song to this playlist and heard it on my headphones I could feel the ear worm burrow itself into my ear canal and vibrate my bones into movement.


Gear Shift

Not only was this a killer anime but the OP song just has so much energy to it I had to include it on my list.

The following four songs are tempo drivers

The one that inspired the playlist KAIO-KEN

Mob Psycho is one of my favorite animes of all time. The characters are endearing and the animation is insane when and fast paced. It’s OP song perfectly encapsulates the energy of the show in 3 minute time frame. To me, it is so high energy that it compels me to get up and do something, anything, it just makes me want to move around and $#@ done.

We done

If you listen to “against all gods” you will notice that this song is not like the rest on this playlist. It is more down tempo and not guitar based.


So I took some time and found the all these song on Spotify and curated the playlist for your earbuds to enjoy.

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