In for a penny, In for a Pound

As I stepped on the scale for this week’s weigh in, I knew that the odds were not going to be in favor. Compared to last week’s weigh in, this week, the scale said I was .6 lbs heavier so my total weight is at 227.8.

I believe that I know the reasons why I didn’t know drop any weight this week and instead went up on the scale. 

In rebound, I established that I would be doing a one mile run in the mornings with Alaska, my doggo, but due to the extreme heat and Alaska being black lab I decided to go on a brisk FASTED walk instead to avoid overheating on her behalf. On top of that, out of the past seven days we only walked three. Usually, after my morning cup of coffee, I play a couple of rounds of fetch with Alaska before heading out to walk, but this week, after playing fetch she went into her kennel and refused to come out for the walk. This is something that she typically does on hot mornings so instead of walking I did other things.

The second reason why I believe that the needle did not move was because my diet was overall nonexistent. If I’m not participating in a competition, I typically don’t count calories, but I do “eyeball’ my macros and this week, I knowingly ate more Sundaes, had soda (usually don’t drink sugary drinks) and ate more burgers. 

Taking a step back and looking at the “weight loss equation” for this week I see that I had changed the equation by consuming more calories than I was able to put out.  This week, the weather seems to be promising as the heat wave has finally subsided but as contingency I will add quick at home light workouts.

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