Fashion Fantasy Friday: Fire Force

While I was the writing the review for the anime Fire Force, I got the urge to make a look based on the Fire Force gear. As members of the force have slight modifications to their gear to suit their abilities, I decided to use Shinra Kusakabe as an inspiration when selecting the clothing articles.

Shinra Kusakabe Manga Cover
Inspiration for the outfit of the week

The Articles


Birkenstock Arizona Eva

When designing the look based on Fire Force’s Shinra Kusakabe I knew that the first article I had to pick out were some good sandals. Since Shinra’s pyrokinetic ability is to create flames at his feet he mostly wear footwear that he can easily toss aside in a moments notice. Because of this reason, I choose Birkenstocks as they slightly resemble Shinra’s footwear of choice and the versatility of combining them with other outfits.

Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Essentials EVA Black Sandals – 8 2A US Women / 6 2A US Men
*Amazon Affiliate Link will Earn a Commission


Originally the outfit was going to be 3/4 Mens pants but when I envisioned the complete look used in a more casual setting I decided to ditch the idea as it did not offer enough usage from the pants. I was looking at 3/4 pants because when I look at the design of Shinra I see that his Fire Force gear has high water pants due to the nature of his ability. Keeping that in mind, I instead opted for Docker tech pants and just cuff them at the ankles to offer some resemblance to high water pants.

Dockers Men’s Slim Fit Jean Cut All Seasons Tech Pants, Black, 36 32
*Amazon Affiliate Link will Earn a Commission


In the first episode, the captain of the eight briefly explains to Shinra why it is that their gear has blue rings on them. He explains that the purpose they serve is to help others who are lost find their way back to the Force. With that in mind, I choose a polo with the primary colors used in the design in a striped fashion.

Polo Ralph Lauren Mens Custom Slim Fit Mesh Striped Polo Shirt (Small, Blue-White/Signature Pony)
*Amazon Affiliate Link will Earn a Commission


As I was searching through Amazon for a blue bracelets to add as an accessory to the look I stumbled across this little gem of a bracelet. It is a survival bracelet that is meant to be used when exploring the outdoors. It comes with a built-in flint fire starter, whistle and compass. As mentioned above, the show explains why the gear has the blue rings and this bracelet perfectly encapsulates that idea. The whistle and compass alone would help find someone who has lost themselves.

X-Plore Gear Emergency Paracord Bracelets | Set of 2| The Ultimate Tactical Survival Gear| Flint Fire Starter, Whistle, Compass & Scraper | Best Wilderness Survival-Kit – Black(R)/Blue(R)
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Under Armour Men’s Webbing Belt 2.0 , Academy Blue (408)/City Khaki , One Size Fits All

*Amazon Affiliate Link will Earn a Commission

The Lookbook

The outfit itself is meant to be more for an everyday type of look. It is something that can worn to a cook out with friends or a casual stroll around town.

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