Slow Burn

On this weeks weigh I was able to stay on track on lose one pound as compared to last week. Combined with the insane five pound loss of last week things have leveled out and to three pounds per week, which aligns more to my goal established at the start of 1.5-2 lbs per week.

August 16th 2020

Through out the week, if you follow me on instagram, you may have seen in my stories that I was playing around with the idea of modifying my weight goal for September 1st. Up until today, I was planning to announce that the new goal was going to be 215 by September 13th but as I sat down to write this post I realized something important.

In life, I believe that one should learn to celebrate the small achievements gained through out a journey.

By me moving the goal post, because I am on track to surpass my goal, is in essence depriving me of a small victory that can boost my moral on this journey. Not only that, but it is also setting myself up to potentially feel defeated in the case that I do not meet the new goal.

222.8 LBS Aug 8th vs 221.8 LBS Aug 15th

That being set, I will keep my goal of 220 by September 1st and establish a new goal once I cross that bridge.


Don’t shy away from weight lifting

If you are lucky enough to live near a gym that has Covid-19 safety protocols in place, such as temperature checks, mask wearing at all time and social distancing as well low rates of transmission then I would suggest starting a weight lifting program. I have found that in my case I see the greatest change when I have a solid workout plan that suits my needs.

I would suggest to first get in touch with a trainer to help you get started. I believe that this is an important step as a good trainer should be able to correct posture and movement to help prevent injury. They should also provide good tips and trick to the machines on the floor so that an individual can use them properly and keep the gym a safe place for all.

Once you have learned how to safely perform the movement then look online for plans that meet your current goals. I mentioned this last week but the plan that I am currently using is one created by Alex Crockford and for me it has been my go to plan whenever I reboot my workouts. I do make some slight variations to the workouts by adding an exercise or changing a variation to better suit my own personal needs, but overall it lays out a solid groundwork for a routine.

Lets Workout Together

Next week, I plan on streaming a full body workout that can be done from the comfort of your own home. If you wish to join me it will be on on Saturday August 22nd at 12pm central time ( Chicago ) and for it you will only need three things.

A Yoga Mat
A Foam Roller
An Exercise Ball
Amazon Affiliate links will earn a commission

I have yet to decide on the venue but I will keep you informed as the week progresses.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.


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