Fashion Fantasy Friday: Kou Minamoto

While I was writing the review for Toilet Bound Hanako, I kept looking a Kou Minamoto and thinking to myself, “this guy has style and it should be easy to create a look based on his character. Originally I was going to keep the prep school kid look, but after running into a couple of road blocks I decided to change it up.

Hanako and Kou Minamoto

The Articles


For his school uniform, Minamoto uses a blue short sleeve button down with a tie stripped tie and I wanted to get as close as possible to that look. Originally, I was looking for a solid blue button down and substitute the tie with a pin stripe white shirt, but after scouring through Amazon I was unable to find those two items. Through all my searching of the virtual warehouse aisles I came across this light blue shirt and I honestly liked it better than the button down, so I decided to sub it in and change the look that I ultimately was aiming for.

Lucky Brand Venice Burnout
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A slim fit chino is the essential gear for a preparatory school kid so this was an easy choice and find.

IZOD Slim Fit Chino
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This is another variation that I made to the character’s look and added some boat shoes for the look. Although it might not be school uniform approved it is something I think a rebellious school kid would decide to wear instead.

Sperry Goldcup shoe
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The red and white striped belt was another difficult item to find. When I originally imagined the look in my head, I thought that most of these items where going to be an easy find but boy was I wrong.

Diesel Red and White Belt
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When I take a look at Kou Minamoto design I see two things that immediately stand out. The first being the gold shakujo that he uses to exorcise spirits. The second is the red earring that, according to dialogue from Mistsuba episode 8, is some form of stop sign. When I combine the spiritual aspect of Kou and the stop sign earrings I could help but to think of meditation. That is why I choose a prayer bead bracelet.

I chose it because I do believe in the power of prayer and meditation to help ease some of the burdens one might face. Simply taking a moment to stop what you are doing and focus and breathe and intent can help with one psyche.

Meditation Bracelet
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The Lookbook

Well here it is, the complete look to Kou Minamoto, the defiant exorcist of Toilet Bound Hanako

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