The Final Countdown (1st Goal)

Last week, I mentioned that I had played around with the idea of setting a new weight loss goal by September 1st for myself. I ultimately decided not to move the goal post and stick to original milestone which was 200 lbs by September 1st and as of August 23rd I now weigh 220.6


Over the course of the last two weeks, I did add an exercise to the start of each routine that I have been doing, which, I believe, has led to the “slow down” of the “weight loss“. The exercises are compound movements performed in a series of 5X5 with a 2 minute rest at the start of a routine. With each set I go up on weight until I can on longer physically lift the weight. If I do reach that point within the 5X5 I drop the weight to be able to complete the reps.

221.8 on Aug 16th (green speedo) vs 220.6 on August 23rd (Striped Speedo)

The Workout of the Week

This week I have come up with a workout sequence that will build a good sweat using your body weight and an exercise ball. The Foam roller is optional portion is completely optional but I do recommend a good foam roller if don’t have one already. this weeks workout all you will need are the following three items.

Yoga Mat
Foam Roller (optional)
Exercise Ball
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Warm Up

When I start my workouts I always devote 5 to 10 minutes to waking the body up. I do so by doing some dynamic stretching, then proceed to foam roll for one deep breath cycle per body part. In my case, one complete breathe

In my case, one complete breath cycle consists of 30 seconds from the start of the inhale to a complete exhale. Knowing that then the sequence listed in the table below takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Parallel to FeetPerpendicular to Feet
Upper BackLeft Pec
Left Shoulder PlateLeft Shoulder
Right Shoulder PlateRight Pec
GlutesRight Shoulder
HamstringLeft Inner Thigh
IT Band LeftRight Inner Thigh
IT Band RightLeft Shoulder Plate
QuadsRight Shoulder Plate
Shoulder Bicep Left
Lats Left
Lats Right
Shoulder Bicep Right
Foam Rolling Sequence

If you are running short on time then I would suggest to focus the dynamic stretching and foam rolling only on the areas that will be worked on for that day.


Exercise Ball Tabata Workout

Man on a exercise ball
Exercise Ball Workout

If you watched my live stream on Saturday you would have seen me perform the routine below with the exercise ball. It was a tabata style workout which means that you work hard for 20 seconds and rest 10 for sets of eight. Since these are performed on stability ball, I suggest that the focus be more on the stability and safety.

ExerciseSetsTime (Active/Rest)
1. Full Body Balance820 seconds / 10 seconds
2A. Reverse Leg Lift1,3,5,720 seconds / 10 seconds
2B. Back Extension2,4,6,820 seconds / 10 seconds
3A. Reverse Leg Lunge Left1,3,5,720 seconds / 10 seconds
3B. Reverse Leg Lunge Right2,4,6,820 seconds / 10 seconds
4A. Side Lunge Left1,3,5,720 seconds / 10 seconds
4B. Side Lunge Right2,4,6,820 seconds / 10 seconds
5. Push up Tuck in 820 seconds / 10 seconds
6A. Leg Curl 1,3,5,720 seconds / 10 seconds
6B. Star Sit Up2,4,6,820 seconds / 10 seconds
7A. Sit Up1,3,5,720 seconds / 10 seconds
7B. Sit Up Twist2,4,6,820 seconds / 10 seconds
8. Saw Plank820 seconds / 10 seconds
32 minutes of pure Sweat

If you do perform the workout above, let me know how you feel afterwards. I plan on Streaming again next Saturday at noon. If you are interested it will be on the Twitch Channel 8bitlookbook.

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