Fashion Fantasy Friday: Demon Slayer

This week I was unable to publish a review for an anime but I was, however, able to put a look together based on one of my favorite anime Kimetsu No Yaiba. This anime not only has a compelling story line but the production that went into it has been phenomenal. The animation is gorgeous and vivid, the fight scenes are mesmerizing and the music delivers the final punch in creating a memorable scene.

As I looked and Tanjiro, from character design to storyline, I became fixated on the green checkered haori and its purpose. Upon researching it a bit further, I found that the haori was worn by men when going into battle to protect them from the cold. After learning about the Haori’s purpose and combining it Tanjiro’s job of hiking through the country side and going from town to town completing quests, I decided to create a look based on the aspect of being outdoors.


The Articles


For this particular look, the first piece that came to mind was the a fleece flannel. As fall approaches and the nights grow cooler and longer, the flannel is staple of outdoor living. Its light enough to keep

Green Flannel Shirt
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Base Layer

Tanjiro’s uniform calls for a black top with a black bottom with gray leg wraps. To bring this look to the real world I eliminated the gray leg wrapping and instead used the color for the top base layer of the look.

Ivory Henley
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Hiking through trails can be sweaty work and you would need pants that will not restrict your movement, especially if you are about to engage in a battle with a demon. These hiking pants by Eddie Bauer are made out of nylon/ spandex fabric that shed moisture keeping you comfortable through the long trail ahead.

Hiking pants
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Since Tanjiro is often caught up in life or death battles, I wanted to incorporate footwear that is lightweight for trail running and does not restrict mobility.

Trail Running Shoes
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The hardest item to incorporate was the Hanafuda earrings. When researching their meaning I found that, in this story, they mean Breath of the Sun style. While looking online for what I accessory could closely capture that meaning I found this bracelet. The prayer beads, can help an individual meditate and a key part of meditation is mindful breathing. The second aspect is the orange bead, which, to me, resembles to the sun.

King Bracelet
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Gray Belt
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The Look Book

There you have it, a modern day take on the uniform worn by Tanjiro Kamado. As you can see, this outfit was inspired by an outdoors lifestyle using the characters color scheme and story line in the selection of the clothing.

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