Do you remember, the 1st night of September?

Can you believe that September 1st is right around the corner? Even in the age of “The New Normal” time flew by in the blink of an eye. I guess that what happens when gives themself a sense of purpose. What’s even more impressive is that this is week seven since I began my weight loss journey, and with only two days two go I feel incredible.

-4lbs from last week.

Last week, I mentioned that I made a modification to my fitness plan by adding a compound movement to each workout routine then maxing out (details here). I believe that this change, is what led to the 2nd biggest drop on my weightless journey. The total amount of weigh I have lost in 7 weeks is about 14 pounds. Unfortunately this week, I was unable to take my standard picture because the studio is currently being renovated so I decided to share a picture that I took with my iPhone yesterday.

Man Relaxing post swim Workout
Post Swim

The Workout of the Week

This week, I would like to re-capitalize on the pre-workout portion that I had also written about last week. The reason why I am brining it back up is because I do believe that a proper warm up is essential to having an excellent and, most importantly, safe workout. Where as last week I focused on the foam rolling aspect to help get the blood flowing this week I would like to focus on the dynamic stretching aspect of the pre-workout.

Most of us, when we head to the gym, are going there after being in certain positions for an extended period of time. Whether it’s AM folks people who just woke up from only God knows what position they contorted themself into, or PM workout people who have sedentary jobs that require little movement. A quick dynamic stretch is something I have found that gently wakes up the body before heading over to the gym equipment.

Mobility Workout

The following is a sequence that I have found to be beneficial for me and I like to perform before the start of a workout routine. I would also like to point out that, at the time of writing, there’s no conclusive evidence to suggest that dynamic stretching prevents injuries.

8 count dynamic stretch workout.
Head Circles
Shoulder roll, forwards then backwards
Arm circles forward then backward circles
Elbow circles 8 clockwise then counterclockwise
Wrist circles,
Torso rotation
Single leg hip circles
Knee Circles
Ankle Circles
Lateral Lunge
Lateral Leg swing
Forward leg swing

I hope the pre-workout above insipires you to incorporate some form of dynamic movement at the start of your routine.



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