Shall We Dance?

On March 6th of 2021 I decided it was time to get back in shape, again, in lieu of the summer season fast approaching. This year however I’m something very different that I have not done in the past and that is take creatine as work my way to my goal of 215. As of today, March 28 2021, I am at 226 which is 9 lbs less than when I began this journey and honestly when I look at the pictures side by side the change has been very minimal. That is until I actually take a good look them.


Which is 9 LBS less than when I began my journey

The first change that I see is my face, the cheeks have appeared to lost some of the fat they had stored. The second and perhaps most noticeable change is on my profile picture. When I move the slider from left to right I see how much my belly has actually decreased and no longer slighlty protrudes outwards past my chest.

Starting this upcoming week. I will begin to the next phase of my weight loss process and incorporate a 24 hour fast every Tuesday. Fasting, is a practice that I have always performed but it kinda fell out of my lifestyle because of the pandemic and school schedule. Going forward, my new schedule will include my last meal at 8pm on Monday night and reopen my feeding window on Wednesday at noon.


Workout of the Week

A HIIT workout that has been part of my schedule every Saturday has been Wall balls with Stair sprints.

The circuit goes as follows, within one minute complete

  • 10 lateral wall balls, 5/side without alternating
  • For the remainder of the time sprint up and down a flight of stairs for the remaining time
  • Repeat for 10 minutes, or till failure, which ever comes first.

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