Book worm

Intro Book Worm Part 1

“Shit I’m late” Karim thinks to himself while walking briskly from the college gym to the library. “I shouldn’t have done that last set in the pool …” he pauses mid thought and then nods to himself “no I shouldn’t have sat in the sauna for 15 minutes and right after an intense workout.” He looks down at his watch and he sees that he is 15 minutes late to the study group session and decides to pick up the pace.

Passing by reflective windows he turns to look at himself and see how his stride resembles that of an Olympic power walker. Grinning to himself he thinks “Idiot”. His joggers, slightly snug against lower legs, highlight what he considers to be his valuable asset, a set of cheeks forged by the power of his squats. Even though it is cold outside, he raised the cuff of his joggers midway up the calf slightly restricting blood flow. The restricted blood flow causes the veins to rise up to the surface and cast their own shadow against his skin. “Well at least it was worth the workout” he thinks while admiring himself.


He finally gets to the library, which was about a 5-minute walking distance and upon opening the door is welcomed by a blast of warm air in the threshold. “Ugh why are they keeping it so hot … doesn’t matter, see where they are seated” he was already starting to build up a sweat and this only accelerated the formation of micro water droplets on his skin. With back of his palm his raises his hand and wipes his forehead.

This the group that he has been wanting to study all along with. All three of the members within the group have scored very high on the exams, to this date, and the three of them are also on attempting to get to med school. When he got an invite from them, he was low key excited.

“Sorry I’m late, where are you guys seated” he texts the group chat. Anxiety start to build swell up within him –fuck I’m being ghosted–

“In the basement far left corner” Anya responds

Hastily he collects himself and heads down two flight of stair to the basement level. The bHastily he collects himself and scurries down two flights of stairs to the windowless basement level. This portion of the library is mostly used during midterms and finals where groups of students gather to try and get the scores they desire. Since its 6 PM on a Saturday night and not midterms yet this floor of the library is a ghost town. Passing by some aisles of books he finally reaches the group.

“My bad you guys, I got caught up with my workout and lost track of time.” He says

“So that’s the reason why you are sweating now?” Sebastian responds

“Yeah a bit, that and also they keep the library unreasonably warm.” Karim responds. Once settled in, he asks the group “ So how do you study for this?”


“Have you heard of strip trivia?” Colin Coyle responds with a small smirk on his face.

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