You better work B …

With the Winter 2021 season firmly in the rear view mirror and three weeks crossed off the new year, it’s now that magical time of year to write myself a new workout plan. This year, I timed the start of my new workout plan with the start of the spring semester so that I can make adjustments to the routine as I need it.  

My personal goal is to drop 15 pounds and get myself to a stable 215 pounds, by controlling my caloric intake as well as measuring my macros. My hope is to be successful in this portion by using the fitness pal app to help me stay within my target range.  

To start the year, I wrote my workout to be Push/Pull/Legs and arms. Core and Cardio are also in the mix so the complete schedule looks as follows:  


Below is the workout that I wrote for myself and will be doing for the next couple of weeks. Since my end goal is weight loss, I kept my rest periods low with a high amount of reps so in essence its a hypertrophy program. I will post some before pictures and weight and track my progress as I continue.

Push Day Workout routine
Push Day

If you are considering using this workout please consult with healthcare professional to see if this would suit your own goal.

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