Bookworm PT 2

Karim’s head jolted back in shock from what he had just heard. His ice blue eyes opened wide, contrasted heavily against his olive skin. With both of his thick eyebrows raised high he cocks his head to a side, brushes his dark brown wavy hair back with one hand and responds “What?!”.

“So it appears that we now know the reason as to why you are at the bottom of our class” Anya retorts “ you …” she continues while waving a banana at Karim, and in a singing tone proceeds to say “seem to have low auditory comprehension skills.” she ends by pointing the banana directly at him. Her moisturized skin softly reflecting the stale glow of the florescent bulbs above them. “Does anyone want a bite of this banana?”

“I’ll take a bite” Colin quickly answers, “I’m Starved”.

“You are always starving Colin, if it wasn’t for your supposed quick metabolism that undeveloped boyish body of yours would have long faded away” Anya snidely replies.

Anya setting both her elbows on the table shifts her focus to the banana and begins to peel back its layers halfway, her melanin rich dark brown skin contrasting with the yellow banana.  


“There.” She triumphantly exclaims. Sitting upright, shoulders slightly pulled back her chest rises and cast its own shadow against her thin torso. With poise she offers up the banana to Colin with one hand and shifts her gaze from Karim to Colin.

Colin then leans towards Anya opens his mouth and sets his lips on the exposed fruit. The saliva around his pink lips coats the banana in drool as half of it disappears into his mouth.  Taking a bite of he pulls back and a fibrous string from the fruit hangs from his mouth, draping the stubble on his cleft chin.

Sebastian, snaps Karim intense glare away from Anya and Colin by placing his hands lightly on Karim’s traps. “Relax man” he says in his tenor voice while giving Karim a quick rub on the traps. Pressing his thumbs in between Karim’s shoulder blades he begins to them up towards the base of his neck. “It’s not as bad as it seems. The added thrill does help you recall information a little bit more.” He thumbs now digging a little deeper in a circular motion “Besides we only play for about an hour, so we hardly lose any clothes. Probably the most we have seen is Colin’s treasure trail that passes his navel”


“Listen, you don’t have to participate if you don’t want to, but, it will help your test scores in the class therefore allowing you to get the A on the transcript that you know you need.” Sebastian says while letting go of Karim’s traps and sitting in a chair next to him. “So what do you say, are you in or will you leaving the group because you’re too prude?” Sebastian asks with a side smile partially revealing a set of bright white teeth underneath the clean-shaven face.

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