Bookworm Part 3

Karim takes a deep inhale and holds it in for a second. As he does, his chest protrudes slightly forward, his unbuttoned flannel, ever so slightly, exposes the crevasse, formed by the shadows of the light, of his inner chest. On his next breath cycle, he draws a deeper breath and folds the left arm in under his chest and the right arm’s elbow finds support on his against his wrist: forming two parts of a triangle, his right hands thumb, pointer, and middle finger burrow into the top of this eye sockets and forehead providing support for the head. The peaks of his biceps just noticeable enough through the sleeves of the flannel. On his last cycle of breath, with the deepest inhale yet, he responds “Alright”

“Excellent!” Sebastian proclaims as does a quick pat on Karim’s restless leg.

From the moment Colin mentioned Strip Trivia, Karim leg has bounced up and down nonstop. The diffused light on his joggers mark the striations of his quadriceps with every bounce of the leg. With every bounce of his leg, the diffused light also highlights how the fabric, in between his legs, is slowly being stretched out, coming forward and casting its own deep shadow.

Sebastian placing his hand on the top Karim’s kneecap with his thumb against the vastus medialis and the rest of his finger against the vastus lateralis he gently squeezes and says “Karim, are you sure?”

“Yeah I’m good” Karim responds


“Alright then, let’s get this round started” Sebastian declares.

“It’s about time” Anya responds exasperatingly.

“To begin, let’s get the order in which we will answer the questions down first” Colin says as he rummages through his book bag. “Ah! There you are!” Extracting a die from his bag he continues “lowest number rolled will get the first question and so on.” Colin continues. “If you answer incorrectly, you will remove an article of clothing. An article is considered to be anything that is on your body, for example: shoe on left foot, shoe on right foot, scarf, hair bands, bracelets, individual rings and earrings. If you answer correctly you get to put it back on”

 “Make sense?” he asks blankly, and the group responds by nodding the heads.

“There will be two sections” Colin Continues rattling off “The first will be 60 questions and the second is a surprise with its own set of rules.” Anya and Sebastian looked surprised at each other, all while Colin smiles slightly as he continues “This means each person will get a chance to answer 15 questions on the first round”

“You roll first” Colin hands the die to Karim.

Upon hearing the rules, Karim feels a bit more at ease, and Sebastian remark about seeing Colins’ treasure tail, at most, now makes more sense. The fact that you could lose a shoe on one round and put in on the next gave Karim solace. Now, with die in hand, he thrust his hand up and down and releases it.


“Ah here’s the other die” Colin says while the die Karim just rolled bounces around on the tabletop. “This one will dictate how many articles of clothing you will lose”

Karim’s eyes, once again, open wide, and the rolling die now finds it way off the table.

“1!” Karim hears Anya exclaim.

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