Side Quest Workout

Recently, with the limited amount of time that I have available, I have been playing a lot open world games that allow my mind to “rest” for a brief moment thanks to escapism. In these games we have a main objective to which we are working to complete, but the beauty of open world games, is that we can veer off the path and explore the world that we are currently inhabiting. Exploration often results in our avatar stumbling upon a side quest that may have nothing to do with main objective but often, many of us gamers do decide to embark on the new found task to find out what rewards we may reap at the end. Rewards that at the end of the task can be good loot or in game currency that will allow the player to purchase a weapon with better stats. Another thing that we can as well is valuable experience points that will allow the avatar itself to get stronger too.

Map Quest

Taking that concept of side quests, I wrote a workout for myself that I would not consider to be traditional. The workout is split into 4 days, Push/Pull/Legs and finally Arms. “Well that seems pretty traditional” you might find yourself saying, but the Push and Pull days contain a bonus set of exercises that help me with what I consider to be my areas of opportunity. On the push day I have programmed in a set leg extension exercise and on pull day I have added leg curls. Leg day itself is already pretty taxing, in and of its own, so left that alone and for arms I added a shoulder workout to limber up before working on the arms.

The compound lifts in the plan are meant to have the weight increase, week after week, by 5%, in my case, of last weeks’ weight of using the one rep max as guidance as a benchmark. For Example, lets say that that one rep max is 200 pounds, on week 1 will work with 75% percent of that weight which is 150, the following week I will load 160 pounds. That same set of compounds lift is also designed in a reverse pyramid sequence so the first set will be 75% of max weight for three reps, the second set will 70% for 5 reps, this will continue to progress through the latter until I reach the 5th set and conclude that segment of the plan.


Below is a copy of my current workout plan. If you decide to use this for yourself as well, you should consult with a trainer/medical professional if this is a routine that is suitable for your own plans. If you are okay with using it, feel free to customize it as you see fit: for example, instead of a 5% increase maybe a 7.5% or 2.5%, maybe increase or decrease the rest period to better align with your target heart rate. At the end of the day, hopefully this workout of mine will help inspire you to design your own plan as well.

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