Starboard – Chapter 3

Insomnia man takes a step out of his drenched navy-blue shorts, and in doing so, his core tightens up as his foot claws at the ground, attempting to maintain his balance against the soaked floor beneath him. His sculpted torso creates channels in which the sweat gathers and travels down his body in a gentle stream. Each leg lifted out of the shorts causes the standing leg to create two uneven slabs of muscle that hug his upper knee. On the standing leg, toward the center of the upper leg, another mass of muscle rises, separating the leg into three distinct segments. From where he stands, only the lower part of his pointy jaw down to the boulder like calves, is visible in the camera’s frame. 


– “Fuck … bro!” Owl softly exclaims, as Insomnia rustles out of his gear. The act of stepping out of his shorts, however, causes the web camera to lose focus and blurs him in the frame.  

– “Hey!…” Owl’s soft voice comes through, once again “…can you hear me?!”

Insomnia simply responds with a thumbs up and an extended pinky gesture, which he rattles in midair.

– “You’re out of focus on the web cam. Can you bring it into focus?” Owl asks.


Again, Insomnia man simply responds with the same hand gesture, and initiates the walk towards the camera. Approaching the webcam, it begins to auto focus on him, losing and regaining focus with each stride forward, his flaccid shaft gently bouncing between his inner thighs with each step. The warm room causes his tanned engorged sack, to drop slightly below the head of his shaft, rising and falling with every inhale. Up his shaft is a densely trimmed, heavily salted and peppered bush, trailing up his sweaty abdomen are mostly silver trimmed hairs that amplify the glistening sweat off Insomnia man’s abs.

– “Fuck dude! Your body is amazing” Owl exclaims

– “Thank you!” Insomnia’s deep voice, tuned by whiskey and cigars, ruptures the stillness of the shed. Stepping back to his original position he slightly tenses up his muscles causing striations to ripple throughout his sunbathed body. “You look like you are in good shape yourself.” Insomnia man replies.


On the computer monitor, above Insomnia man’s boxed frame, is Owl’s feed. He is only visible from neck down to his upper waist.

– “Thanks, but nowhere near you are.” Owl responds, as he shifts around in his desk chair. The amber light emanating from his desk brings his body into the foreground against the backdrop of cobalt, violet and fuchsia lighting. His pale torso with golden undertones, contorts as he attempts to reveal his abs from a seated position. Owl’s broad shoulders cast a light shadow over his narrow waist as he leans forward towards the screen. His smooth lower jaw becomes visible on the frame as his right hand, anchors down in between his legs, allowing him to propel his bare butt further back into the chair. Maintaining his right hand in between his legs, he obscures the view of this semi hard cock from Insomnia man’s view, with his left hand he glides his hand across the right side of his chest with his fingertips stopping at his nipple. The shadow from his shoulders emphasizes his curled slender bicep.


With his fingertips lightly circling his areola, Owl ask’s “How old are you?”

– “45, You?” Insomnia man voice booms.

– “Really?! You are very shredded. I’m 24” skittishly Owl states.

– “You gay, straight, bi?” Insomnia man asks

– “Gay, you”

– “Bi, what brings you on?” Insomnia man asks.


– “A combination of boredom and hornyness.” Upon finishing the sentence, Owl takes his middle finger and inserts it in between his glossy lips. His cheeks hollow out as he sucks on it for a bit before removing it from his mouth. In front of the camera, the moist finger greatly reflects the light of the desk lamp back, glistening in spit. Moving the finger through the air and towards his chest, the finger lands on the areola once more arousing the nipple awake.


Owl’s tease, pumps blood down Insomnia’s torso and into his shaft causing it to slightly swell with blood. Insomnia then bites his lower lip, dampening it in spit, releasing it from between the teeth he lubricates the top lip as well. Using his thumb and middle finger he encloses the base of shaft and sack, flopping it up and down a couple of times. When done, a thin thread, forming a “u” shape, hangs from the top of his head to his inner thigh. The silence is broken as the buzzer from the signals that 10 minutes remain.

– “What was that?” Owl asks

– “My timer, I set it so that I don’t spend that much time on this site. That said, you wanna back away from the camera so I can see your dick?”


Owl man slides back and his plump cock, dripping with precum, is visible in the frame on the screen. At the base, is a patch of thick coarse black hair that seemingly only appears at the base, his belly is smooth as well as the semi defined chest. From the armpits, bristle black hair peaks out from the cavernous depths and into view.

– “Fuck boy, I only got a few minutes left, you wanna cum real quick?” Insomnia man asks.

– “Yes sir!”

– “Ah, so you know your place.” Insomnia man says in a pleased tone. “Very well then! Spit on your cock”


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