Starboard – Chapter 4

It is a hot Saturday afternoon in July when Insomnia man steps into a hot shower. Typically, on hellish days like these, he prefers the refreshing feel of a cold shower after his workout, but today, his mind needed to escape for a moment. Standing in the center of the shower, he feels how the […]

Starboard – Chapter 3

Insomnia man takes a step out of his drenched navy-blue shorts, and in doing so, his core tightens up as his foot claws at the ground, attempting to maintain his balance against the soaked floor beneath him. His sculpted torso creates channels in which the sweat gathers and travels down his body in a gentle […]

Starboard – Chapter 2

The sound of the spritz coming from the aromatic diffuser snaps him out of his concentration. Lifting his Burberry, green and cream marble-colored glasses up and away from his eyes, he set them to rest at the top of his head: pinning the medium length straight jet-black hair, back against his head. With a deep […]


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