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Bookworm Part 3

Karim hesitantly accepts to play the game of strip trivia.

Bookworm PT 2

Karim’s head jolted back in shock from what he had just heard. His ice blue eyes opened wide, contrasted heavily against his olive skin. With both of his thick eyebrows raised high he cocks his head to a side, brushes his dark brown wavy hair back with one hand and responds “What?!”. “So it appears…

Book worm

“Shit I’m late” Karim thinks to himself while walking briskly from the college gym to the library. “I shouldn’t have done that last set in the pool …” he pauses mid thought and then nods to himself “no I shouldn’t have sat in the sauna for 15 minutes and right after an intense workout.” He…

Flash Fiction

In 500 words or less I will add write parts of a short story

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